Different Ways of Reading

Different Ways of Reading

If you’re blind or partially sighted, there are lots of different ways to continue reading. You can keep reading books, newspapers, magazines, bills and other paperwork and websites in a way that suits you, and there are lots of options for children’s reading.

Books are available in large or giant print from ordinary bookshops or libraries and can also be borrowed or bought from the RNIB. If you need a bill, letter or other document enlarging we can do that for you on our printer.

If you want to read smaller print you could visit our Sight Advice Centre to try out various magnifiers, some of which contain lights and others which are electronic and can either be portable or connected to a larger screen or TV.

A popular way to read is listening to audio books on CDs, memory sticks or on the Internet. Some CDs are available in bookshops. The RNIB and Calibre have a wide range of audio books that you can borrow on memory stick or other format.

The Hyndburn Talking Newspaper is available on memory stick and this can be played on a portable player which you can have on loan for a one-off subscription of £10.

Audio versions of other newspapers or magazines can be obtained via the Talking News Federation (TNF) or RNIB Newsagent. If you would like more information about this please contact us or visit our Sight Advice Centre.

Braille books are available to borrow from the RNIB library. If you would like to learn Braille you are welcome to come along to our premises in Bank Street on a Tuesday morning or alternate Saturdays. If you are already a Braille reader and would like a short document or letter transcribing into Braille please contact us and we should be able to help.

EBooks can be borrowed or purchased via the Internet. If you are a member of Lancashire Libraries they have a wide selection of eBooks available. These can be read using large print or audio on computers and tablets. If you need help with this or would like to try out some equipment, please pop along to our Sight Advice Centre and we will show you some of the options available.

Book Shop

If you are looking for something new to read, pop into our bookshop in the Arndale Arcade. The shop has a wide selection of printed books and also some audio books on CD. Good quality books are always welcome, so if you or your friends have any to spare please let us know. We are really grateful to our volunteers who give so much of their time to welcome visitors to the shop.